Bachelor Party

Did Something Crazy Happen At Your Bachelor Party?

Stylz and Roman took theyr buddy, Steve out for his bachelor party yesterday and, besides the Cubs game, hit up pretty much every bar in Wrigleyville and River North. Suffice to say, the night ended up with Steve passed out in an Uber! Bachelor and bachelorette parties can get pretty crazy at times...
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Who knew that Walker Hayes would be our record-holder for THIS goal?

Walker Hayes kicked off Day 3 of our #US99WindyCitySmokeout Sunday afternoon and he told Drew about why he's a risktaker in summer wardrobe, how he's obtained the highest Uber score we've ever seen (!), why grilling is such a challenge for him & much more >>>>
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The Last Time You Said Something Stupid Was...

Stylz was hanging with a friend at LakeShake who asked which member of Florida Georgia Line was from Colorado after he heard the group perform their new song "Colorado." Really....their name s FLORDIA GEORGIA LINE! But, we all stick our foot in our mouth and say something stupid....and proof is in...
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LISTEN: Billy Currington Tells Drew About Shrimp, Sunscreen & New Music This Summer!

Billy Currington sat down with me before hitting the stage for Day 2 of #US99LakeShake to chat shrimping boats off the coast of his house in Georgia, the lack of sunscreen in his life, #NewMusicFirst this summer, his Uber rating (or lack thereof!) & much more >>>>>
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Kelsea Ballerini Plays ‘Online Complaint Country Songs’ Game

GRAMMY-nominated country singer Kelsea Ballerini joined Good Mythical Morning hosts Rhett & Link this morning (March 9) to play an odd game show called Online Complaint Country Songs.
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