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VIDEO: Woman Took Off Pants and Used Underwear as Face Mask While at the Post Office

A woman walked into a Ukrainian post office, but would not be served without wearing a mask,s so she thought quickly, took off her pants, slid her underwear off and used it to cover her face.
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static cling underwear

OH NO: Mom’s Thong Accidentally Clings To Son’s Pant Leg All Day At School

OH NO: Mom’s Thong Accidentally Clings To Son’s Pant Leg All Day At School
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Dan + Shay at Rosemont Theatre with Stylz

Dan + Shay's Shay Mooney explained why we saw his underwear at the GRAMMYs

"Sometimes you just need to air the **** out!" Shay from Dan and Shay had a pretty embarassing wardrobe malfunction at the Grammys a couple months back, so you know Stylz and Roman had to ask him about it! So how did Shay end up on stage with his fly down? Was it the designer's fault? Did Dan...
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SNR and Brad

Brad Paisley Doesn't Like The Bet That Stylz and Roman Proposed To Him!

So will it be Brad Paisley or Stylz and Roman that end up on stage in their underwear when Brad's concert rolls through Chicago later this summer? Brad is a Los Angeles Dodger's fan and Stylz and Roman are obviously Cubs fan, so the guys wanted the person whose team had the worst record to go on...
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Want Luck in 2019? Make Sure You Wear One of These Six Lucky Underwear Colors on New Year's Eve

With 2018 coming to a close, 2019 provides fresh opportunities to excel in all aspects of your life. If you're looking for some luck in the finance, romance, or health departments and would describe yourself as a wee-bit supersticious, listen up. According to an old New Year's legend , there's a...
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The Best Prank That You've Ever Pulled Was...

What's the best prank that you've ever pulled? Lately, people have been putting stickers that look like outlets on the walls at aiports to see people try and plug in their devices without any luck! Stylz and Roman talked to people who pulled pranks that ranged from funny to down right disgusting!
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What US99 DJ Left Panties In The Studio?

Stylz and Roman found a random pair of panties in the US99 studio the other day. They've tried to hunt down the owner of the undies, but none of the station's DJs will fess up to it being theirs! Stylz and Roman aren't the only ones to find weird things at work. Check out what these Stylz and Roman...
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Lost and Found

What Did You Lose And Find In The Most Random Place?

We often lose stuff and find it in the most random of places. Case in point, Stylz couldn't find one of his dog's toys....that is until he turned on his garbage disposal. How it got there is anybody's guess, because neither he, his wife nor his stepson put it there. He's not the only one either!...
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Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley, in his underwear, in a creek

Two more days (April 5th, 2018) 'til we find out what's going on...
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Is LANCO Wearing Ellen's Underwear?

So when someone appears on Ellen, they are "gifted" a pair of underwear from the talk show host herself.
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