This is Us

"This Is Us" Will Make Us Ugly Cry For At Least 3 More Seasons

The Big Three! It's a good day for This Is Us fans! We couldn't imagine a world without the NBC hit series and thanks to a massive renewal, we won't have to for at least three more years because NBC officially gave the green light for the series for 3 more seasons. That's right -- you don't have to...
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Breakthrough Movie Cast

Classic Cinemas Going To The Show Review: "Breakthrough"

If a movie can make Roman cry, you know that it's got to be pretty good. "Breakthrough" is the true story about a St. Louis boy that fell through some ice in 2015 and doctors didn't expect him to recover. But his Mom never lost faith and through the power of prayer, her son recovered! Yep, sounds...
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I Voted Selfie

The Goofiest Selfie I've Ever Taken Was...

It seems like 95% of people posted a selfie with their "I Voted" sticker after leaving the polls yesterday. That's because if you don't post it on social media, it didn't happen, right? LOL! Sometimes we take goofy selfies for no reason whatever, so Stylz and Roman let listeners joke about what the...
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Stupid Question

The Stupidest Question I Asked/Was Ever Asked...

Thomas Rhett posted a video of his wife Lauren asking whether Pittsburgh was in Massachusetts. We all ask stupid questions sometimes, but hopefully our significant others aren't posting it to social media like Thomas did! Check out the goofy questions that these Stylz and Roman listeners either...
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Is Sassy Siri More Of A Man Than Stylz and Roman?

Everybody watches "This Is Us" right? Well, if it was up to Siri on the cellphone that Stylz and Roman found while shopping at Woodfield Mall, they'd have their man cards revoked! Check out the attitude that "Sassy Siri" gave the guys when they mentioned they sometimes cry while watching the show!
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The TV Show or Movie That Always Makes You Cry

Season Three of "This Is Us" kicked off last night and Stylz and Roman have all the highlights. That show is notorious for making people cry.....because the writing is just that good! The guys decided to open the phones to see what TV shows that people watch even though they know that they'll end...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

So who sat in for Roman today while he's on vacation? It was US99's very own night jock Kimmie Caruba! Did she do better than Windy City Live's Ryan Chiaverini? Email to play! Today's Questions: 1. This singer is releasing a new album called Triple Live, which will feature...
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Sam Hunt

Is There A Role Reversal Happening In Your Relationship?

Apparently Sam Hunt has baby fever but his wife Hanna isn't nearly into being a parent as much as he is. It's sort of a role reversal, which often happens in relationships. Maybe he's into "This Is Us" more than you are... Maybe he likes to shop but you don't... That's just some of the stories...
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What Was The Last Thing You Had A Good Cry Over?

By now, everyone has heard Carrie Underwood's new song "Cry Pretty." Stylz and Roman talked to Carrie recently and asked her when the last time she had a good cry. What makes the guys cry? What makes the Stylz and Roman listeners cry? It's everything from movies to TV to commercials....and sometime...
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"This Is Us" Actress Chrissy Metz is Bringing Her Book Tour to Chicago

Are you a huge fan of This Is Us? Are you a huge fan of Chrissy Metz who plays Kate Pearson on the hit show? Then you're in luck! Metz is bringing her book tour to Pfeiffer Hall on the campus of North Central College, 310 E Benton Ave in Naperville on April 5th! The actress wrote a memoir titled "...
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