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US*99 Morning Show $10 Gift Exchange!

Watch your US*99 Morning Show participate in a $10 gift exchange! What gifts did they buy for each other?
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Gender Price Wars, Price Is Right, US*99 Morning Show

The US*99 Morning Show Plays Gender Price Wars!

The Price Is Right: Gender Edition. Erin and Katie quiz Jason and Scotty to see if they know how much typical 'female' holiday items cost.
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US*99 Morning Show, Katie Bright, Scotty Kay, Jason Pullman, Erin Creedon

Katie Gives Scotty Some Hilarious Advice on How to Train His Dog

In a very vibrant discussion about what the morning show wants for Christmas, Katie began giving Scotty advice on how to train his dog after saying he wishes he would stop pooping in the house.
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Banana Peel, Diet, Morning Show

US*99 Morning Show Tries the Banana Peel Diet

A new study has found that eating banana peels can cause weight loss, improve sleep, and enhance your skin. The US*99 Morning Show team wanted to see what all the hype was about.
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frozen, jasonpullman, movie, plot, test

Listeners Quizzed Jason to See If He Actually Watched the First Frozen Movie

Jason has never seen Frozen before, so we tasked him with watching it before we all go see the sequel next week. Did he actually watch the movie? We had listeners call in to quiz him and find out!
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US*99 Morning Show Team Was Out Supporting the CPS Teachers

US*99 supports our teachers!
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US*99 Morning Show Delivers Doughnuts to CPS Teachers on Strike

Thanks to Firecakes Donuts we were able to hand out donuts to some teachers gathering at the Swiss Hotel before they headed to City Hall!
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Your Morning Show Team Picks Their Favorite PUMP UP Song to Get Ready for the St. Jude Walk/Run!

Your new morning show team picked their favorite PUMP UP songs to get ready for the St. Jude Walk/Run tomorrow at Soldier Field.
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