5 Things You May Not Know About Kenny Chesney!

We are all sooooooooooo ready for #US99Kenny tomorrow night at Soldier Field ... but you know THESE things about Kenny? * His middle name is Arnold * He's been married once. To Renee Zellweger. In 2005. The marriage lasted only four months. * His first paying gig in college paid $5 an hour with...
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SET TIMES & MORE: are you ready for #US99Kenny like we are?

Are you ready for #US99Kenny like we are? It all happens Saturday afternoon at Soldier Field with YOU & US >>>>> 1pm: LOTS open 2pm: Our #US99Kenny Pregame opens (grassy parkland area outside Soldier Field on southeast side) 4pm: GATES open 5pm: Brandon Lay on stage 5:55pm: Old...
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