There's an American shortage of White Claw

Welp! We did it this time, internet. Americans have made White Claw hard seltzer so popular that the company can't keep up with the demand. The company's President of Marketing, Sanjiv Gajiwala says they're "...working around the clock to increase supply." FULL STORY HERE
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The Friendliest and Rudest States in America in 2019...How'd We Do?

A website called Big Seven Travel asked its readers to rank all 50 states according to how friendly people are. New York came in at #50, making it the rudest state in America, followed by Arkansas . . . Delaware . . . Massachusetts . . . New Jersey . . . Washington . . . New Hampshire . . . Nevada...
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Cap Gown Diploma

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Its a 2-1-9 themed edition of Roman's College of Country Knowledge! Kara tried her best to stop Roman from gaining win #501? It's a college that everyone is accepted in to, but you need to email first! Today's Questions: 1. Darius Rucker has been named the PGA Tours first tour...
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What Stupid Thing Did You Do While Drunk?

When it comes to alcohol consumed, did you know that the USA is NOT #1? It's actually China! (That's because there's more people there than in the USA...) When we start drinking, sometimes we can act a little stupid. These calls to Stylz and Roman today really proved that point!
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