Valentine's Day


Roman's College of Country Knowledge

What better way is there to head into the weekend than with a little extra cash in your pocket? Angela from Lockport TIED Roman, but all ties go to Roman, so she left the game without any of the $800 that is currently sitting in the rolling jackpot! Study all weekend long and then email Mornings@...
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Stylz and Roman's :15 Second Frenzy: Morgan Evans Knows His Flowers!

Did Morgan Evans get wife Kelse Ballerini flowers last week for Valentine's Day? Morgan was on the show playing the :15 Second Frenzy naming as many flowers as he could in :15 seconds! After naming flowers off, Stylz and Roman asked his wife Kelsea Ballerini if Morgan gets her flowers. That's when...
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This Man Invented an Ever-Lasting Electronic Flower as a Present for His Wife

The gift is next level
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Birthday Gift

Help! What Should Roman Buy His Mom For Her Birthday?

Everyone knows that tomorrow is Valentine's Day, but it's also Roman's Mom's birthday! Like a true guy, he hasn't bought his Mom anything for either yet! So what does he do in a situation like this? Well, turn to the US99 audience for advice.....and they didn't fail him!
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2019's Best & Worst States for Singles — Where Does Illinois Rank?

Valentine's Day is around the corner, but if you're single, you're probably not looking forward to it. You're not alone. According to personal-finance website WallterHub, about 45 percent of all U.S adults are single. But did you know where you live may play a huge factor in your relationship...
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Be My Valentine Final 2

US*99's Be My Valentine Country Bracket

We've got a ton of incredibly talented, kind, funny (and did we mention handsome?!) artists... with Valentine's Day on the way, we thought it only right to ask -- who would YOU want as your Valentine? Final 2
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Be My Valentine

US*99's Be My Valentine

Vote for the artists you'd want to have as your Valentine!
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Today (February 6) Is the Most Popular Day for Breakups!

If you're in a relationship, consider yourself warned about today. It is Red Tuesday . Red Tuesday, according to experts, marks the most common day of the year for a breakup., according to a survey from Illicit Encounters . The "holiday" falls about a week before Valentine's Day. Red Tuesday falls...
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