Keith Urban appears on the 52nd Annual CMA Awards

Keith Urban Gives Us A Super Cool "One Shot" Video For We Were!

Keith Urban had no idea his pal Eric Church had written "We Were" when he recorded it, but after finding out that nugget, he could totally hear Eric's voice in the hit. Being the extra creative guy that Keith is, he told his team that he wanted to do a "one shot" video for this song that I can't...
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SNR Carly

Ladies, Have You Ever Tricked Your Man?

Ladies, have you ever tried to trick your man into admitting or doing something? Stylz, Roman and Carly Pearce tried to do it with Carly's BF Michael Ray over the weekend! They all texted Michael Ray at the same time to see who would get a text back first! Thankfully for Michael, he texted Carly...
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