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Astronauts in Space Release Music Video Singing Travis Tritt's 'It's A Great Day to Be Alive'

Honestly, this might be the coolest music video you've ever seen. Some astronauts aboard the International Space Station created a video of them singing along to Travis Tritt's hit "It's a Great Day to Be Alive," featuring clips of them going about their daily lives in space.
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Dad Posts Videos Sharing Every Meal with His Dog and the Adorableness is Too Much to Handle!

This dad and his beloved Frenchie share every meal together. Literally every single meal and the videos he posts about it are guaranteed to make you smile.
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Girl Gets Stuck In Chick-fil-A High Chair After Sitting In It On Dare

Firefighters in Idaho were called to area Chick-fil-A after a dare went wrong. A teenager was dared by her friends to sit in a high-chair, and the 15-year-old found it rather easy to get in. Unfortunately, she found it tougher to get out. Firefighters had to be called after friends and employees...
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10-Year-Old’s Insanely Pricey Christmas List Goes Viral

As the holidays are creeping closer, no doubt plenty of children have already handed their parents their Christmas lists. A 10-year-old’s list has gone viral after her father posted it on Twitter with the caption, “My 10-year-old daughter must be out of her mind with this Christmas list.” The list...
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Mom Busts Her Kid for Using Alexa to Help with Homework

A mom in Scotland has gone viral with a video of her nine-year-old son using Alexa to help with his math homework. It's actually more like cheating because he tells Alexa the problem, and then writes down her answer. The kid doesn't know his mom is in the room until she calls him out on it. She...
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8 Year Old Boy Causes the Cutest Scene on First Day of School #GoodVibes

An 8-year-old boy with autism began crying on his first day of school until a fellow classmate took his hand and comforted him.
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Little Kid Calls Out Woman With Stinky Feet On Plane

A dad filmed his four-year-old son calling out a woman who was sitting in the row behind them on a plane . . . because of her stinky feet. Her bare foot was up against his armrest so he poked his head through the opening and said, "Why do you have your feet behind me?" Video of 4-Year-Old Boy Calls...
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Guy Tweets That He'd Rather Drink Pee Than Vita Coco's Coconut Water...

Brands have done some pretty weird stuff on social media in the past few years . . . but I'm not sure it has EVER gotten as weird as this. A writer named Tony Posnanski has been in a Twitter battle with the coconut water brand Vita Coco for the past week because he HATES coconut water. And...
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Seagull Photobombs London Traffic Camera, Goes Viral

On Monday, Transport for London Traffic News tweeted a picture of the seagull appearing to stare straight into a traffic camera just north of Blackwall Tunnel. The picture was accompanied by the caption, “Happy Monday…” Happy Monday... — TfL Traffic News (@TfLTrafficNews...
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Little Girl's Reaction to Catching Her Parents Kissing is Hilarious

Yeah, you should probably just wait until your kids actually go to bed before you have your own private time or they will never let it go!! Video of No kissing allowed!
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