Money on The Ground

Where Did You Find Some Unexpected Cash?

Stylz and Roman found a story about a man who had a million dollar winning lottery ticket....and had totally forgot about it! He did find it, with just three days before the ticket was set to expire! It's always cool to find cash whenyou're not expecting it! Thing is, do you return it? Find out...
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First Date Turn Offs

Roman's mom and sister both think that his velcro Michael Jackson wallet is a turn off when he goes on first dates. Roman disagrees, but will admit that there's things people do on first dates that are a little funky! Loud Chewers. Teeth scrapers. Social Media posters.
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Did You Find Some Unexpected Cash Somewhere

Stylz put on a pair of shorts this morning that he hasn't worn in a while and found $6 bucks in the pocket! It's something we like to call found money! But Stylz $6 dollars pales in comparison to what some of these Stylz and Roman listeners found. One person found TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS in an...
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Have Your Ever Had Anything Stolen?

Carley Pearce had her wallet stolen the other day, but thankfully cops were able to get it back for her! Getting something stolen is the worst feeling and it happens more often than you think! Wallets, cars and even yoga pants were just some of the items that Stylz and Roman got calls about!
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Lost and Found

What Did You Lose And Find In The Most Random Place?

We often lose stuff and find it in the most random of places. Case in point, Stylz couldn't find one of his dog's toys....that is until he turned on his garbage disposal. How it got there is anybody's guess, because neither he, his wife nor his stepson put it there. He's not the only one either!...
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Car Broken Into

Have You Ever Had Your Car Broken In To?

Bears rookie Roquan Smith's car was broken into the other day and the theives took some pretty important stuff! Not only did they take some of his memorabilia, but they also got a team issued iPad that had the team's playbook on it! Opps! Check out what these Stylz and Roman listeners had stolen...
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