Bud Light, Fire, Saved, California, Wildfire, Case

Man Uses Cans of Bud Light to Save His House From a Wildfire

What do you do when a wildfire is setting your workshop ablaze, but your water system has been turned off? One California man thought quickly and used a case of Bud Light to put the fire out and save his home!
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You Should Never Order Water On An Airplane

A new study has found that you should never order water on an airplane because it is unsafe to drink.
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There is a Magic Well in Schiller Woods?!

Magic water well in Schiller Woods draws long lines of Chicagoans citing health benefits.
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Woman Gets Phone Back 15 Months After Dropping It in a Lake and Still Has Dad's Old Messages On It #GoodVibes

Woman dropped her phone in a lake 15 months ago and somehow a good samaritan found it, realized it still worked and gave it back to her!
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You Will Not Believe What the Best Drink to Help You Stay Hydrated Is

A new study found that the best drink for staying hydrated is SKIM MILK! According to the study, regular water came in 10th place...
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Swimsuit and A Smartphone

Sassy Siri Needs Some Help Picking Out A Swimsuit!

65 degrees is unseasonably warm for March and Sassy Siri wants to take full advantage of it! She wanted Stylz and Roman's opinion on whether she should rock a one peice or two peice swimsuit on North Avenue Beach today. Once you get past the fact that it's supposed to rain today and it the water is...
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Phone In Water

Sassy Siri Gives Dougie Stylz Props For The Polar Plunge!

So Stylz did the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics over the weekend. Normally, Sassy Siri makes fun of Stylz and Roman, but in this case she actually had something nice to say to him about it. But, being nice to Stylz only lasted a few seconds and she literally threw cold water on that idea almost...
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Did You See The Instagram Model Who Got Chased By A Pig On Her Beach Photoshoot?

Michelle Lewin is a model from Venezuala ... doing a tropical beach photo session in the Bahamas earlier this week when things went a bit sideways! The area of the photoshoot is known for tourists swimming with the local pigs (!), but when the director tried to recreate the scene ... well ... Take...
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Lost Ring

Have You Ever Lost Your Wedding Ring?

Have you ever lost your wedding ring? Stylz and Roman's producer Tony did, but he was lucky enough to find it a couple of weeks later. When your ring falls off snorkeling and lands at the bottom of the sea, it's pretty much gone forever. (In most cases, wait till you hear what happened to one lucky...
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What Is Your Home Remedy For Mosquito Bites?

Mosquitoes have been insane this year and you can't help but get bit it seems. Mosquito bites are always super itchy, so what can you do to stop them from being that itchy? Roman was totally bit up after playing baseball last night and was looking for remedies from the Stylz and Roman audience...
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