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Walmart Saying Sorry For Offensive Christmas Sweater

Walmart is saying sorry for making available a Christmas sweater with an apparent drug reference. Walmart released a statement after receiving backlash saying, "These sweaters, sold by a third-party seller on Walmart Canada do not represent Walmart’s values and have no place on our website."
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The Famous Peloton Woman From the Holiday Ads Has Been SAVED!

The now-famous Peloton woman from the holiday ads has been SAVED thanks to Ryan Reynolds and his Aviation Gin.
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The New Peloton Commercial Has Caused An Internet Storm!

Peloton, the indoor bike start-up, has released a new holiday commercial that has caused an internet storm and now there is no turning back!
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Chicago, Police Superintendent, Fired, Eddie Johnson

Chicago Police Superintendent Has Been Fired Just Weeks Before Retirement

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson has been fired just weeks before his retirement after an investigation revealed unethical behavior stemming from an October incident.
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Winter Parking Ban Is Officially in Effect in Chicago

Hundreds of people woke up yesterday morning to find that their car had been towed, possibly forgetting that the Chicago winter parking ban started overnight at 3 am.
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There is a Brand New Scientifically Proven Hangover Cure

If you are planning on having a few adult beverages this holiday weekend, there's new research that says in order to avoid a hangover, you must drink this beverage.
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How To Avoid The Worst Traffic This Holiday Season

More than 55 million people plan to hit the road for Thanksgiving, making it the second-busiest Thanksgiving for road travel and it has been said the busiest time to hit the road is obviously tomorrow, the day before the holiday.
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Man Found Living in Underground Bunker for 10 Years

A man was found living in an underground bunker with weapons and ammunition along the Milwaukee River Greenway. 41-year-old Geoffrey Graff is charged with many things.
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Chicago Airports Have the Highest Cancellation Rates in the Country

This year's Thanksgiving travel report is out and Chicago airports are now considered the MOST stressful airports! Both ORD and MDW are currently experiencing the highest cancellation rates in the country.
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Amazon is Testing Robots That Carry Packages on Sidewalks

Amazon is testing out new products and ways to get your packages to you faster. The company is currently working on robots that can carry packages on sidewalks as well as drones.
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