wild animals

Raccoons In The Garbage

Your Wild Animal Run Ins!

Dougie Stylz went to Fright Fest at Six Flags Great America last night, so he wasn't home when trick or treaters came around. He left a bowl of candy out, but it wasn't trick or treaters that grabbed the candy! After checking his security camera, he realized that it was squirrels that grabbed all...
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What Was An Alligator Doing In Waukegan Harbor?

So what was an alligator doing in Waukegan Harbor the other day? Alligators aren't supposed to live in Illinois! Thankfully animal control was able to catch and it's now hanging out at a wildlife conservatory in Waukegan. Sometimes, you'll see crazy things, like cows in your backyard, cougars on...
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This Raccoon Scaled a 25-Story Tower & Became An Internet Sensation!

Imagine seeing a raccoon outside your office window a few stories off the ground ... trapped on a ledge ... yup, it happened! But what next? The raccoon *scaled* the building. All the way up. And safely! The pictures are INSANE >>>>>> The raccoon, who became stranded on the ledge...
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