airplane window shade

WATCH: Two Grown Men Fight Over Airplane Window Shade

Never a dull moment during holiday travel... All windows were to be open for descent per this airline request, hence why dude in back had his open; not fake. --These. Are. Grown. Men. ✈️----------‍♀️ • • • #passengershaming #windowwars #instagramaviation #comeflywithme #airlinelife #window #...
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Scared In Bed

What Went "BUMP" In The Night That Scared You?

Ever been woken up by a loud bang in the middle of the night? Stylz was last night and he thought someone was breaking into his house. It wasn't, it was just a mirror falling off the wall in their bathroom. Ever have something like this happen to you? These Stylz and Roman listeners sure did...
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