14-Year-Old's Invention Could Eliminate Blind Spots in Cars

14-year-old Alaina Gassler lives in West Grove, Pennsylvania, just west of Philadelphia. And she came up with an invention that basically eliminates the BLIND SPOTS in a car created by the support posts on the sides of the windshield. (They're called A-pillars.) She put a tiny camera on the...
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Woman Is Driving While Cleaning the Snow From Her Windshield

Somebody shot video of a woman in Canada driving in the next lane of a busy freeway, and she's using a scraper to clean the snow off of her windshield. She has one hand on the steering wheel, and the other hand is outside trying to scrape off the snow. She's going about 40 miles-an-hour, and can...
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Driver Shocked When Snake Pops Out From Under Car’s Hood [VIDEO]

A man driving in Arizona was shocked when a snake suddenly appeared from under the hood of his car and slithered onto his windshield. He managed to pull over and film a video of the snake. He said the snake wrapped around his wiper and went back under his hood, WHERE HE COULDN'T FIND IT. Time to...
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