Say That Again! The Most Mispronounced Words of 2019

A nuclear disaster, a presidential candidate and an outspoken teenager were just a few of the hardest words to pronounce in America this year. Language learning app Babbel came up with the list of frequently butchered terms by working with the US Captioning Company, which subtitles all real-time...
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The Goofy Passwords That You Use For Everything!

Did you see that Kanye West was in the Oval Office the other day and unlocked his phone in front of all the cameras present. The passcode was just a bunch of zeros! You'd think that someone like that would have a better password or maybe the thumb print ID or face recognition! Since everything now-...
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Sara Evans to Receive 2018 Service to America Leadership Award

It was announced today (May 31) that Sara Evans will receive the 2018 Service to American Leadership Award.
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What Is The Meanest Thing Your Kid Has Ever Said To You?

Roman's three year old Tristan got in trouble yesterday and after he was disciplined he told Roman that he was a "mean dada!" That really hurt Roman's feelings, but after 15 minutes, everything was back to normal. Check out what these Stylz and Roman listeners children said to them......ouch!
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What Words Can't You Pronounce?

What word can you not pronounce.....no matter how hard you try? Stylz and Roman have a hard time with the word rivalry. A bunch of US99 listeners checked in with what they have a hard time saying, butso did celebs Lindsey Ell and Carlos Mencia!
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News Anchor Can't Pronounce "Fitbit"

A clip is making the rounds of a reporter at Fox-13 in Utah who got tongue-tied trying to say "Fitbit coach." She accidentally mashed it up and it came out as "Fit [B-word]." Then she tried to correct herself, and did it a second time. Video of FitBit Watches Challenge Apple TV News Blooper
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Sara Evans Unveils New Single, "All The Love You Left Me"

Sara Evans has unveiled "All The Love You Left Me," as her next single.
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