Who In Your Life is Always Late?

Stylz wife Connie was 3 minutes late to Stylz sister's wedding and missed Dougie walking his Mom down the aisle! Is there anyone in your life that is always late? Is it you? Stylz and Roman talked to people that are always late or have someone they know that can't get anywhere on time? Late for...
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You Probably Shouldn't Have Posted THAT On Social Media!

Several MLB players have caught some major drama because of old Tweets that they'd sent out when they were much younger. Once you put something out on social media....even if you delete's still out there! Doing stupid things on social media isn't just a celeb or pro athlete thing though!...
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What US99 DJ Left Panties In The Studio?

Stylz and Roman found a random pair of panties in the US99 studio the other day. They've tried to hunt down the owner of the undies, but none of the station's DJs will fess up to it being theirs! Stylz and Roman aren't the only ones to find weird things at work. Check out what these Stylz and Roman...
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What Big Moment in Your Life Was Ruined?

Sometimes big moments don't turn out the way you expect them to... This video went viral yesterday of a lil boy ruining his parents proposal by....well...just watch.... Video of Kid Pees During Proposal How did your big moment get messed up? Got sick on a date? Work goes off the rails? Check out...
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Flip Phone

What's The Most Outdated Thing At Your Job?

It may be hard to believe, but there is no WiFi in the US99 offices. Yes, in 2018! But Stylz and Roman aren't the only people dealing with outdated stuff at their job! Check out what these listeners are dealing with! (I mean seriously....who sends a fax?)
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Cubs Fans

How Did People Get Off Work To Go To The Cubs Home Opener?

There was a whole bunch of people in Wrigleyville yesterday for Cubs Opening Day (which ended up not happening), but it begs one question.... How did all these people get a Monday morning off from work to start drinking that early. Stylz and Roman decided to ask them.....and also get their...
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March Madness

Which Member of Stylz & Roman Hates March Madness?

March Madness officially kicks off today, but one member of Stylz and Roman is a little less excited about it than the other! Who is it? Well, you'll have to listen to find out just who it is!
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When Is The Last Time You Stuck Your Foot In Your Mouth?

Ever said something that you wish you could take back?
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What Was The Biggest Mistake You Ever Made At Work?

By now you've probably heard about the false alert message that was sent to all of Hawaii's residents that a ballistic missile was inbound, which WAS NOT the case.
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What Did You Have Stolen At Work?

So, there was a laptop computer that mysteriously disappeared from Stylz and Roman's office yesterday.
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