The Best Hotels in Wrigleyville

Chicago has a lot of great neighborhoods, all with tremendous boutiques and high-end luxury hotels -- but you don’t care about any of that because every baseball fan knows the only place to stay in Chicago is in Wrigleyville. For decades the working class area surrounding Wrigley Field was...
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21st Birthday

How Did You Celebrate Your 21st Birthday?

Last night at the Michael Ray concert, Stylz and Roman ran into a group of girls who were celebrating their friend's 21st birthday. The birthday girl's mom actually bought her a suite at the show! Stylz and Roman played back the audio of that and then also calls from listeners about what they did...
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Bachelor Party

Did Something Crazy Happen At Your Bachelor Party?

Stylz and Roman took theyr buddy, Steve out for his bachelor party yesterday and, besides the Cubs game, hit up pretty much every bar in Wrigleyville and River North. Suffice to say, the night ended up with Steve passed out in an Uber! Bachelor and bachelorette parties can get pretty crazy at times...
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Chicago TBOX Fans, You Could Have Partied with Brett Eldredge and Not Even Known It!

This is a man that needs no introduction, especially if you are a Cubs fan! Brett Eldredge returned to his hometown of Chicgao to headline day two of the Windy City Smokeout. Stylz and Roman cought up with Brett before he took the stage to share some great memories from when Brett has been in town...
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Brett and SNR

Brett Eldredge Talks All Things Chicago With Stylz and Roman!

So when Brett Eldredge hits up Portillos, what is he more likely to order....a salad or an Italian beef? You can probably guess the anwser, but he told Stylz and Roman this morning that it's most likely the beef! They also discuss his upcoming performance at Windy City Smokeout, whether his dog...
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US*99 Home Opener Party With Michael Ray!

Be a part of how US*99 does opening day baseball on the north side! Join US*99 and Stylz & Roman broadcasting live from 10am to 1pm for the home opener party at Old Crow Smokehouse in Wrigleyville . We'll have live country music including a special performance from Michael Ray (make sure you...
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