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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Every morning at 7:40 there's a showdown between Roman and a listener to see who knows more about all things country. It's called Roman's College of Country Knowledge and while many enroll, veryfew graduate! Today it was Cat from Lincoln Park that stepped to the front of the class to face off with...
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Tattoo Regret: What Do You Regret Now?

Roman was at the Taylor Swift concert and ran into a woman who had Taylor's album "Fearless" tattooed on her body. Did she regret it? Maybe sorta. Sometimes what you think is cool at one time isn't always the case later! So what kind of tattoos did Stylz and Roman hear about? How about Tinkerbells...
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What Do You Do That You Should've Outgrown?

What do you do that you probably should have outgrown? Stylz brings Uncrustables sandwiches to work with him everyday. Yes, the sandwiches with the crust cut off that are marketed towards kids! But, he's not alone, because these Stylz and Roman also have things they do that they're way too old to...
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