Smart Dog

My Pet Is Way Smarter Than Your Pet!

Can your pets do amazing things? Stylz and Roman wanted to find out the amazing things that animals do after seeing a viral video of monkeys escaping from a London zoo by my a makeshift ladder from branches. Whether it was hiding bad deeds or literally teaching an old dog new tricks, it was crazy...
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Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Stephanie from Aurora was the latest student to enroll in Roman's College of Country Knowledge. Did her nerves cost her the game to propel her to a win? Shake those nerves and then email Mornings@US99.com to play! Today's Questions: 1. CMT is planning on honoring several female country music stars...
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What Are Some FREE Romantic Ideas Around Chicago?

Stylz and Roman have a friend that's a little short on cash but wants to take a girl on a romantic first date. So, what free (or at least really cheap) ideas around the city and the suburbs that he can take this girl to? Stylz and Roman opened up the phones for ideas and got some really great (and...
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Parents, Where Is The Weird Place You Had To Dispose Of A Diaper?

So Stylz had some people at his house this past weekend and someone stuffed their baby's diaper in the bathroom trashcan without telling them.
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